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While we are all given individual talents from the Almighty, I knew from a very early age that I mine was my unique God given voice. As such, Mark has over 17 years of experience behind the microphone and was involves in sports marketing and management before that. In the 1990s, he was in the ring on TV and was a Heel Ring Announcer in Xtreme Professional Wrestling pro sports productions.

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Broadcasting - Principal Host, Co-Hosting, and Guest

Mark has ongoing experience being a host, co-hosting, and guest on a variety of radio, podcasting, and YouTube shows in the realm of sports and political orientated productions. He has participated in shows from across the nation as well as Sports Byline on the Armed Forces Network. Over the years, Mark has interviewed numerous “Top Tier” talents from a wide variety of professional sports. Overall, he is known for his brash style and opinionated broadcasting talents. While Mark keeps himself busy with several different shows, he can always make time to host or be a guest additional productions.

Managing, Producing and Training Podcasters

Having been in the broadcasting business for a long time, Mark is also an experienced podcast manager, producer, and trainer. He has significant experience in assisting to build a listener base, has a wide base of potential guests, and assists with the development of podcasters by instructing, teaching and providing positive advice about show producing, use of technology tools to run a cast and the use of social media to assist in their marketing efforts.


Mark is also open to accepting acting roles in just about all type of genres and productions.

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